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  • advancements in brushless technology
    Advancements in Brushless Motor Technology

    This whitepaper will provide updates on the design changes and improvements that have occurred over the last few years and highlight brushless motor design

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  • Blower customization for boiler applications
    Designing a Customized Blower for Boiler Applications

    A manufacturer of KN-Series boilers approached AMETEK DFS with the need to replace it’s the blowers on its boilers with Nautilair® blowers to ensure better performance and efficiency.

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  • Brush DC motors turning more advanced
    Brush DC Motors Turning More Advanced

    "Off-the-shelf" brush-commutated DC motors typically tend to serve as a "starting point," because virtually every application for a motor carries particular design and performance criteria to be accommodated.

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  • Customization to Suppress EMI in DC motors
    Customization to Suppress EMI in DC Motors

    A variety of active and passive approaches can be adopted to reduce EMI in systems that rely on precision motion control. For applications ranging from medical diagnostic to office automation equipment, the need to suppress conducted and radiated noise is critical, especially in light of increasingly stringent electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements. The challenges are to maintain system integrity and DC motor performance without adding significant cost or weight to a sub assembly.

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  • Empowering Proper Selection of Motor Technology
    Empowering Proper Selection of Motor Technology

    While there is no shortage of available electric motor technologies, an initial narrowing of the field for electronics industry applications will often direct attention to several types: permanent magnet (PM) brush-commutated DC servo motors, brushless DC servo motors, and hybrid stepper motors. Insights into how each type generally compares with the others can help lighten the evaluation burden and ultimately contribute to proper selection for an application.

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  • Selecting the Right Blower and Pump for Fuel Cell Applications
    Selecting the Right Blower and Pump for Fuel Cell Applications

    Motors, blowers and pumps play key roles in fuel cell designs. Their efficiency and performance are vitally important in the operation of fuel cell systems and are a critical factor in maximizing the overall efficiency of a system.

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  • Select the Right Blower by Understanding Airflow image for whitepaper link
    Select the Right Blower by Understanding Air Flow

    You can select the right brushless blower and optimize efficiency for your particular application by first learning the laws determining efficient airflow in your system. These laws will help you to quickly find your ideal operating point, maximize your blower performance and help ensure safe operation. By considering these and other factors you can better ensure your standard or custom model is suited to your performance curves, application and working environment.

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  • Turning to Integrated Driver Electronics for BLDC
    Turning to Integrated Driver Electronics for BLDCs

    Brushless DC motors (BLDCs) achieve commutation electronically by utilizing a permanent-magnet rotor, wound stator, and rotor-position sensing scheme instead of a mechanical commutator or brushes found in brush-type DC motor designs.

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