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Engineering Capabilities


AMETEK has over a century in motor development experience with regional engineering centers located globally to meet your motor solution needs.

Test and Prototype Capabilities

Our lab and testing staff have many years of experience. They have the background, equipment, methodology, and capability to perform the tests listed above and also testing that is unique to your application.


In-house winders to manufacture prototype armatures and fields, saves time.


Prototype parts can be assembled in-house looking at feasibility, creepage, and clearances.


  • Motor protector testing to identify and test a protector to determine acceptance by UL
  • Motor performance testing of motors without fans systems
  • Peak Horsepower Test
  • Temperature Testing
  • Sound Test
  • Vibration analysis
  • RFI
  • Life Test 
  • Suds Test (a special test that simulates wet/dry pickup)


  • Power supplies
  • Digital Oscilloscopes
  • Temperature Recorders
  • Environmental Chamber
  • High Temperature Oven
  • Tensile Machine
  • Sound Room
  • ASTM Box Testing
  • Life Testing
  • Suds Testing
All of the data and pertinent information from a project is saved in a database for future reference.


Agency Qualification

  • Engineers are trained in-house
  • UL, CSA, CCC, TUV, IEC certifications and more
  • UL Certified in-house labs
  • Test capability for UL 1004-1-2-3 and portions of UL 507
  • AMETEK is a voting member on the UL 1004 Standards Technical Panel (STP) Committee (Electric Motors), one of the key standards setting groups worldwide.

Other Capabilities

  • Modification of existing platforms
  • New platform design
  • Prototype production lab for quick response
  • 3D Software and Solid Modeling
  • Testing
  • Speed/Torque/Efficiency Performance
  • Thermal Capability
  • Life Capacity