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  • AMETEK DFS engineering capabilities
    Engineering Capabilities

    Our lab and testing staff have many years of experience. They have the background, equipment, methodology, and capability to perform the tests listed above and also testing that is unique to your application.

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  • AMETEK Lamb Eternity Curved Brush design
    Twice the Life Vacuum Motors

    AMETEK's next generation, Eternity Brush motors are an example of how we contribute toward new motor technology. This family of motors was designed to provide on average twice the life of traditional straight brush counterparts.

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  • wet bearing protection image ametek dfs lamb products
    Wet Bearing Protection

    With AMETEK's new wet bearing protection, the vacuum motors no longer fail due to moisture washing away grease from the bearings. In fact, you can just about pump water through the fan system and the vacuum will not fail due to grease washout.

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