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Material Handling

AMETEK DFS Material Handling
Do you have a problem with movement, storage, protection and control of materials, goods, and services? AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions has the best option for you. Our line of blowers are hard-working and rugged, and can provide precise air control for your applications. You may never see our motors, but they are moving things that you use every day. When you visit the drive up teller at the bank, you don't see us but our motors are moving your money and deposit slips through the tubes at the window. Do you use wood pellets for winter warmth? Our motors/blowers help move the pellets through your system. Many plastic pellets are moving from the hoppers or regrind into the injection molding machines.

Some Material Handling Applications Include:

  •  Air Pillows
  •  Packaging Systems
  • Conveyor Systems
  •  Robotic Delivery Systems
  •  Automatic Guided Vehicles
  •  Conveyor Belts
  •  Stackers
  •  Reclaimers
  •  Bucket Elevators
  •  Grain Elevators
  •  Hoppers
  •  Silos

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