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HVLP Paint Sprayer

AMETEK has been manufacturing a wide range of High Volume Low Pressure Motors for the paint spraying and atomizing industries. As the true innovators of the industry, the Lamb brand remains a durable and dependable product. Over the years, we continue to drive technology in this industry to serve the needs of our customers. We produce the best in class motors and motor products.

We manufacture a complete line of HVLP motors that produce anywhere from 4psi to 9psi. We accomplish this through a complete line of series universal motors in the 3 stage, 4 stage, 5 stage, and 6 stage configurations. 

HVLP Options
Item Voltage Fan Stages Output Diameter
119407-00 120VAC 2 T 5.7
122222-00 120VAC 3 T 5.7
116765-00 120VAC 3 T 5.7
117123-00 120VAC 3 T 5.7
122221-00 120VAC 4 T 5.7
122049-00 120VAC 4 T 5.7
117246-00 230VAC 4 T 5.7
122220-00 120VAC 5 T 5.7
122146-00 230VAC 5 T 5.7
122097-00 120VAC 6 T 5.7

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