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For over 50 years, AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions has designed and manufactured regenerative blowers for a wide variety of environmental air and vapor moving applications, including:
  • Welding Fume Extraction
  • Soil Vapor Extraction
  • In-Situ Vapor Treatment
  • Gasoline Vapor Recovery
  • Groundwater Sparging
  • Wasterwater Treatment Aeration
  • Lagoon Gas Recovery
  • Landfill Off-Gas Evacuation and Collection
  • Radon Gas Collection
  • Air Plenums

To aid you in your environmental application AMETEK DFS has several different products including: 

  • EN (Environmental Regenerative) Series: Explosion-proof construction, heavy duty cast aluminum manifolds, spark resistant aluminum housings, covers, impellers, muffler towers and manifolds, Teflon lop seal in a stainless steel case (rated at 25cc/min), and explosion proof motors
  •  EN (Remote Drive) Series: Featuring the same explosion-proof construction as the EN series whit the added benefit of motor-less operation
  •  CP (Chemical Processing) Series: Featuring EN explosion-proof designs with Chem-Tough corrosion resistant treatments, chemical duty motors, stainless steel hardware, and nickel plated flanges and muffler retainers. We also have VFD ready motors for all categories.
  •  Lamb Motors: Leverage the eternity brush design, low noise, compact design.