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Specialized Industrial Applications

  • AMETEK DFS Air Sampler Image
    Air Sampling

    Having troubles with your air sampling device? Maybe it’s the blower. Find out how our products reliability helps you perform your job quickly and efficiently.

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  • AMETEK DFS Fume Evacuation Image
    Fume Evacuation

    Fume evacuation systems are important in the workplace to protect the health and wellness of your employees. We have products that meet local and international standards.

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  • Keep your horses and large animals dry with a dry groomer that uses an AMETEK Lamb motor
    Animal Dry Grooming

    AMETEK motors have been used for years in the animal grooming industries. Whether they are blow drying a dog at a pet groomer, or they are drying a horse for the local 4H competition, you can always count on Lamb branded vacuum and blower motors. We would like to introduce the next generation motors for this industry based on new brush technology.

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  • AMETEK DFS ROTRON regenerative blowers aquaculture image

    Keeping fish alive in fisheries can be a daunting task if you don’t have the proper aeration for your fisheries. Learn more about how to provide proper aeration in your fisheries.

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  • AMETEK ROTRON Chemical processing image
    Chemical Processing

    We don’t take chemicals lightly, and neither does our line of Chemical Processing or Nasty Gas blowers. These blowers won’t let you down.

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    Worried about how your application will affect the environment? Take the worry out of your application with our line of Environmental blowers from ROTRON.

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  • Paint Sprayer with AMETEK DFS motor
    HVLP Paint Sprayer

    For your next large paint job, use a high volume low pressure paint sprayer with an AMETEK Lamb motor inside.

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  • AMETEK DFS Industrial Application Image

    AMETEK has a blower for your industrial air moving needs. Our line of ROTRON Regenerative blowers are specifically designed to work in industrial applications. We also have our windjammer product line that can provide the long life and reliability that you are looking for!

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  • AMETEK DFS Material Handling Application Image
    Material Handling

    Do you have a problem with movement, storage, protection and control of materials, goods, and services? AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions has the best option for you. Our line of blowers are hard-working and rugged, perfect for your materials handling application.

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  • AMETEK DFS Spa Image

    At AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions (DFS), we don't build the commercial spa, but we make the spa experience enjoyable! Specifically, we provide the air flow (or bubbles), allowing millions of consumers to relax and feel better, both mentally and physically.

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