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Vacuum Cleaners Motors

AMETEK has been manufacturing a wide range of commercial vacuum and commercial floor care motor products for more than 100 years.

You will find our motors in floor scrubbers, wide-area vacuums, back-pack vacuums, commercial canister and upright vacuums, ride-on sweepers, carpet extractors and many other types of floor cleaning equipment.

As the true innovators of the industry, Lamb brushed vacuum cleaner motors have been durable and dependable products. Over the years, we have continued to drive technology in this industry to serve the needs of our valued customers. We produce best in class motors and motor products.

In 2008, AMETEK launched a series of new products, our 8.4" and 6.6" models. These innovative models have introduced a variety of new features to address some of the shortcomings found in universal brush vacuum motors. Here are some of the benefits: 

1. Efficiency 
One benefit in particular is found with our low voltage motors. For years, efficiency hovered at around 30 percent. Our motor developers drove that efficiency up into the mid-40 percent ranges. These highly efficient designs return precious amps and amp/hours back to designers to use for other elements of products. 
2. Protection for Wet Bearings

Another key feature is wet bearing protection. We can’t count the number of times that OEM sales people have asked us when we were going to create a wet pickup vac motor does not fail due to grease washing out of the bearing. That protection has now been built into these motors. 

3. Longer Life
The life of traditional motors has always hovered at 500-1,000 hours. With our new AMETEK eternity brush technology, we are now producing motors that last for 1,500-3,000 hours of use with a single set of brushes.

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