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Central Vacuum

Central vacuum lamb electric motors
Lamb motors are mostly known for our 7.2" motors. Recently, we've added our new high air watt series of 5.7" thru-flow motors that reach 650-700 Air Watts as well as a new line of 6.6" and 8.4" motors. These motors offer superior Air Watts with lower noise, long life, and higher efficiency. Finally, we have new low noise 5.4" integrated diffuser technology, that is ideal for RV Central Vacuums.  This motor delivers 5.7" performance in a smaller, lighter, and quieter frame size. 

A Little Something About Central Vacuums

The best thing about Central Vacuum is that they don't require you to carry heavy vacuum cleaners from room to room or up and down the stairs. With central vacuums, you only carry a lightweight hose and power brush unit around the house. The power unit is permanent and out of the way.

Industry experts claim that a central vacuum cleaner eliminates debris form exiting traditional vacuum cleaners filers, and exhausting back into the room. The system carries the dirt, dust and debris out of the room, through the in-wall tubing, to the main power unit, where it is deposited in a canister or bag. Central vacuum bags and canisters only need to be emptied once every three months.

Suggested Models

AMETEK manufactures thru-flow, peripheral bypass, and tangential bypass models. You may want to choose form the selection below that work well with Central Vacuum cleaners. 

6.6 Models
Item Voltage Fan
122208-00 120VAC 1 T 6.60
122233-00 120VAC 2 T 6.60
122210-00 120VAC 1 T 6.60
122235-00 120VAC 2 T 6.60
7.2 Models
119792-00 120VAC 2 T 7.20
115334 120VAC 2 T 7.20
115684 220VAC 2 T 7.20
117549-00 120VAC 2 T 7.20
119918-00 230VAC 2 T 7.20
8.4 Models
122133-00 120VAC 1 T 8.40
122175-00 120VAC 2 T 8.40
122165-00 230/240VAC 1 T 8.40
122177-00 230/240VAC 2 T 8.40

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