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Motors for Industrial Car Wash Vacuums

Car Wash vacuum cleaners
Twice the Life Vacuum Motors

AMETEK is pleased to announce our next generation of car wash vacuum motors, designed to be drop-in replacements for the traditional car wash vacuum, but with a life of twice or more than traditional motors. 

With the 122315-18, designed with new patented brush technology, AMETEK has elevated the average motor life from 700 hours to more than 1500+ hours.

What Does This Mean for Your Car Wash Vacuum?

With the increased motor life, you will realize more revenue and less downtime. Changing out brushes is now a thing of the past. When this motor reaches its extended life, rather than change the bearings, simply replace the motor. 

In addition to the long-life brushes, the motor also incorporates enhanced bearing protection to prevent water from washing the grease out of the bearing. (As a car wash owner, you know your patrons will vacuum up anything.)

Technology has produced a motor product that adds value to the car wash industry. This new drop-in replacement completes a car wash product line that meets the demanding application needs for the industry. As an owner, you can leverage this technology to increase vacuum uptime, customer satisfaction — and your revenue stream. Also, car wash owners may now ask OEMs to install long life AMETEK motors in the new vacuum units they produce. Additionally, if a service company is paying to have motors replaced or brushes changed, these new AMETEK motors will provide a solid cost savings. All of these translate to less down time — and greater profits!

 Long Life Model Replacements
Manufacturer Part Number
AMETEK Lamb 116336-00/01
AMETEK Lamb 119414-00
Electromotor 6600-019
Domel Model 492
GS Electric 131500    
 Most Popular AMETEK Models
Item Voltage Fan Stages Diameter
116336-01  120VAC 2 5.7 inch
119414-00 120VAC 2 5.7 inch
116757-00 120VAC 2 5.7 inch
116392-00 120VAC 2 5.7 inch
116392-01 120VAC 2 5.7 inch
115334 120VAC 2 7.2 inch
120VAC 3 5.7 inch
116472-00 120VAC 2 5.7 inch
119413-00 120VAC 2 5.7 inch
119413-13 120VAC 2 5.7 inch
116757-13 120VAC 2 5.7 inch
117467-13 120VAC 2 7.2 inch