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Backpack Vacuum Motors

Lighter, More Powerful and Quieter Backpack Vacuums

Higher Lift, Lower CFM 5.4 Integrated Diffuser

AMETEK has developed a new motor that will benefit the commercial vacuum backpack market. The new 5.4" integrated diffuser leverages higher efficiency fan designs and has an integrated diffuser with noise canceling, making the unit quieter. 

What are the Benefits for a Commercial Floor Care Employee?

This motor provides performance similar to traditional backpack vacuums, but does it in a smaller, lighter package. The motor weighs about one pound less, making the backpack user experience more comfortable. The motor incorporates a noise canceling diffuser and fan design; the blade pass frequency created between the rotating fan and the primary diffuser is interrupted due to the primary and secondary diffuser design. This motor is 7dB and 10 Sones quieter than the performance of the equivalent 5.1 motor. Users of these new lighter backpacks will enjoy the lighter weight experience — and a quieter vacuum.

Higher CFM, Lower Life Eternity Brush 4.8

Weighing in at eight ounces lighter than the 5.4", this motor offers a slightly smaller package that includes AMETEK's Eternity brushes. These brushes will provide more than two times the life of the traditional straight brush. For an 8 amp performance, the motor can deliver an average of 3,000 hours of life from a single set of brushes. If the performance is pushed to a 12 amp level, the motor yields an average of 1,500 hours of life. 

What are the Benefits for a Janitorial Company?

The company gains more up time. Rather than having vacuums down for servicing and brush replacement, the vacuum is used until the brushes are completely worn, indicating that the motor has reached the end of its life. Based on a cost of $15 per set of brushes plus the cost of a service call to change the brushes, the savings is about $50 per motor considering a minimum of two brush changes.  

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