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Floorcare Applications

AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions has been manufacturing a wide range of commercial vacuum and commercial floor care products for over 60 years.  You will find our motors in a variety of applications and floor cleaning equipment. As the true innovators of the industry, Lamb® Vacuum Motors are a durable and dependable product. Over the years, we continue to drive technology in this industry to serve the needs of our customers. We produce best in class motors and motor products.  In 2008, we launched a series of new products referred to as our 8.4 and 6.6 models. The models brought a variety of new features to address some of the short comings of series universal brush vacuum motors. 

Key Features
  • Efficiency
  • Wet Bearing Protection
  • Longer Life
  • AMETEK backpack vacuum application
    Backpack Vacuum Motors

    Back pack vacuums are lightweight and easy to use when vacuuming large areas. Learn more about our powerful and quiet vacuum motors

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  • AMETEK carpet extractor/scrubber application
    Carpet Extractors Motors

    New wet pickup motors with low battery consumption and long life. A carpet extractor’s dream

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  • AMETEK blowers have a long history with Central Vacuum cleaners
    Central Vacuums Motors

    Lamb® Vacuum Motors have been serving the Central Vacuum Industry for over 60 years with rugged and durable vacuums desired by a vast majority of the consumers, dealers and OEMs in this industry.

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  • Central Vacuum cleaner uses AMETEK lamb motors to suck up the gross stuff
    Vacuum Cleaners Motors

    AMETEK has been manufacturing a wide range of commercial vacuum and commercial floorcare products for over 60 years.

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  • AMETEK Lamb motors keep your scrubbers working for years to come
    Utility Vacuum Motors

    AMETEK’s hazardous-duty motors are 7.5-inch diameter, 2-stage, and peripheral bypass vacuum motors.

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  • AMETEK blowers are used in car washes to help dry your car/truck/van
    Motors for Industrial Car Wash Vacuums

    AMETEK has been cleaning cars, trucks and vans for many years. The 116336 motor has been a popular motor for many years with 119414 not too far behind in popularity. Over the years, OEM's have sought the refuge of lower prices; however, AMETEK has taken a traditional design and applied a new brush technology to give the motors a much longer life. Our goal is to provide the car wash owner value.

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