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Boilers and Water Heater Blowers

AMETEK Nautilair blowers are perfect for commercial or industrial boilers and water heaters. These blowers provide a more robust, adaptable platform, higher turn down ratio, a more compacted footprint, and customized performance.

Nautilair blowers provide a range of flow and pressure ranging from 10 In H2O (25 mbar) 40 In H2O (100 mbar), and 20 SCFM (50 m3/hr) to 1000 SCFM (1750 m3/hr). They are designed to be used in 25 -1200KW (85 - 4 million BTU) boilers. 

Some of These Options Include:

  • Custom mounting and housings
  • Inlet tubes
  • Special coatings and bearings
  • Customized speed profiles and acceleration
  • Tachometer outputs
  • Sealing and leak testing
  • Mufflers, filters and finger guards available upon request.

AMETEK Nautilair blowers are designed with your boiler or water heater in mind. With premix natural gas blower solutions and integrated controls and valves, Nautilair can help you design faster and complete your project within your deadlines. 

Download our selection guide today to help you choose the right Nautilair natural gas blower. 

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