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Combustion Applications

AMETEK DFS Combustion Image

AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions offers a wide range of combustion blowers, specializing in high performing applications ranging from 25 -1200 KW (85 - 4 million BTU) boilers. Our Nautilair line of brushless blowers offer compact, low noise, and long life solutions to fit your specific application desires.

Nautilair variable speed blowers enable engineers to optimize their gas-fired systems. Our emphasis lies on greater combustion efficiency and the need for lower NOx and CO emissions, the use of variable speed premix blowers offers design flexibility. Whether you need a standard blower for your application or a customized solutions provided by our applications engineering team, AMETEK will exceed your expectations!

Applications Include:

  • Commercial Boilers and water Heaters
  • Pellet Transfer
  • Industrial Processing 

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  • Boilers and Water Heater Blowers

    Nautilair Combustion Blowers are perfect for commercial or industrial boilers and water heaters. These blowers provide a more robust, adaptable platform, higher turndown ratio, a more compacted footprint, and customized performance.

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