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Allow us to introduce you to the capabilities of AMETEK. Find out more about our markets and applications.
  • AMETEK DFS Combustion Image
    Combustion Applications

    AMETEK brushless blowers are perfect for providing controlled air flow for numerous combustion applications including multiple gas burners and heaters.

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  • Central Vacuum cleaner uses AMETEK lamb motors to suck up the gross stuff
    Floorcare Applications

    AMETEK has been providing motors to clean floors for over 100 years. AMETEK motors provide the precise air movement needed for all of your household appliances.

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  • AMETEK DFS brushless blowers power Business machines
    Business Machines

    If you need an air moving product for your application, look no further. AMETEK has the products that you’ve been searching for!

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  • AMETEK DFS Prestolite Motors helps this lift gate move
    Hydraulic Fluid Power

    Hydraulic fluid power is important in work access platforms, steering assist, back-up breaking and when using hydraulic pumps. Prestolite motors have been used in these applications for many years.

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  • AMETEK DFS Windjammer Products
    Specialized Industrial Applications

    Air moving applications are an easy match for AMETEK blowers. Our expertise and customizations can tackle any problem you may have while implementing your air moving applications. Read on to learn more about some of our air moving applications.

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  • AMETEK DFS medical application image
    Medical Applications

    Blowers and motors can drive quality, efficiency and cost savings into your medical device and equipment designs. Find out how AMETEK DFS can help.

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  • AMETEK ROTRON fans pumps and motors help keep this bus from breaking down

    AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions offers one of the broadest range of pumps and blowers for the transportation industry. ROTRON products are backed by over 50 years experience in their related applications, why would you go anywhere else?

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  • AMETEK DFS Fuel Cell
    Fuel Cell

    AMETEK has a wide range of products to meet your application's needs in the fuel cell industry. Some of these applications include: cathode air, ventilation, natural gas boost, biogas recovery & boost etc.

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  • Outdoor power equipment with AMETEK motors
    Outdoor Power Equipment

    With all of the seasons throughout the year, it's helpful to have outdoor power equipment to make yard work easier and faster. Did you know AMETEK blowers and motors are used in a variety of applications including lawn mowers, leaf blowers, snow blowers, and chainsaws? AMETEK motors provide the movement of blades or air to help you finish your chores faster.

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  • AMETEK lamb motors are used in blenders to keep the blades turning
    Food and Beverage

    AMETEK manufactures and supplies a wide assortment of motor solution for the Food and Beverage Appliance Market. We manufacture high quality robust motor solutions for blenders to coffee grinders.

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