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3.0" - 5.1" brushless blowers

Discover what it means to be compact in several different applications such as medical, industrial and packaging.
MICROjammer Blowers are Small, Compact, and Reliable.
AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions offers many air moving products to fit your application's needs. These blowers are small and compact ranging from 3.0" to 5.1". The MICROjammer family of brushless DC blowers are capable of pressures up to 50" H2O and flow rates of 27 CFM. These compact, reliable blowers will fit perfectly with many medical, industrial, or materials handling application.

Our MICROjammer blowers have the option for an external controller or an integrated controller depending on your application's needs. We can customize any standard blower through our team of engineers and sales representatives. Our people can help you find the right solution for high moisture environments, medical applications, materials handling, and many other applications.