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Windjammer Brushless Blowers | Vacuum or Pressure Applications

AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions manufactures the Windjammer family of brushless blowers (MICROjammer, MINIjammer, and Windjammer). These blowers offer variable output for a wide range of vacuum or pressure applications. Standard brushless blower designs offer brushless DC motor drives coupled to high efficiency fan systems in compact, cost effective packages. Standard models are available in a wide range of input voltages, including universal voltage.

The Windjammer brushless blowers are available in low and high voltage blowers ranging from 3.0" to 5.7"1 These brushless blowers provide output pressure up to 169" H2O and flows up to 275 CFM. With this wide range of standard and customizable brushless blower solutions we have a blower that's right for your application.

The Windjammer family of blowers have many different applications including:

Materials Handling
Fuel Cell
Air Sampling
UV Curing
Hold Down Applications
Cooling Applications
Paper Separation

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1AMETEK DFS blowers are described by fan size, if you need diameter please visit our Windjammer, MICROjammer, or MINIjammer product downloads for more information.
  • AMETEK DFS Microjammer 3.0" blower
    3.0" - 5.1" brushless blowers

    With max pressures up to 50 in H2O, and flow rates up to 27.5CFM, these small, compact blowers will provide you with the performance you need.

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  • AMETEK DFS Minijammer 5.0" blower
    5.0" brushless blowers

    With max pressures up to 24 in H2O (62 mbar), and flow rates up to 44 CFM (75 m3/hr), think about MINIjammers for your next application.

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  • AMETEK DFS Windjammer 5.7" blower
    5.7" brushless blowers

    These blowers can be used in many different applications, whether you need a blower for a hospital bed, cooling, or materials handling we’ve got you covered. Find out about other applications for windjammers.

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  • Windjammer PRO blower
    Windjammer PRO

    AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions' Windjammer® PRO series is the most powerful blower for high flow applications.  The Windjammer PRO’s innovative design and enhancements provide INCREASED PERFORMANCE over competitive models.  

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