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ROTRON Tornado Drive System

AMETEK DFS Rotron "TDS" Tornado Drive System product image

AMETEK's patented aerodynamic design enables quick evacuation of humidity in your working air. AMETEK's patented replaceable carbon brush system design, saves labor cost and enhances your response speed, because you can change brush without any tools on spot.

ROTRON Tornado Drive System (TDS) offers wide range of drive system power depending on different working situations and its outstanding performance keeps over 70% efficiency even up to 30 N*m loading. The compact design saves space and weight in your end product.

ROTRON TDS Advantages Include: 

  • High efficiency
  • Compact size
  • Easy maintenance
  • Long life
  • Anti-corrosion
Product  Torque Current  Speed Power Efficiency
 N*M A RPM W %
Worm Gear  5-35 6-32 150-190 150-550 ≥70% 
Planet Gear  5-15 10-25 820-730 150-800 ≥70%

Typical Performance of ROTRON Tornado Drive System                                                                        

AMETEK DFS ROTRON TDS Tornado Drive System