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ROTRON® Transportation 47 Frame Sealless Pump

ROTRON Transportation 47 Frame Sealless Pump

The 47 Frame sealless pump with a brushless DC motor provides 60,000-hour design life and can remove 18 gallons of ethylene glycol and water mixture per minute.The pump is available in 12 and 24 VDC models and is perfect for heavy-duty transportation applications, including transit buses; construction and mining vehicles; heavy-duty agricultural equipment; and on- and off-highway vehicles.

Pump Feature
Sealless design is leak proof; pump is magnetically coupled to the motor
• Motor is removable from pump without draining system
• Environmentally resistant to hot-water spray, salt, fog, shock and vibration
• Cast brass pump designed for heavy-duty applications

Motor Feature
• 12 and 24 VDC models available
• Electronically Commutated DC (ECDC™) motor design
• Rare-earth magnets provide high efficiency and low current draw
• “O” ring sealed for harsh operating environment