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ROTRON® Transportation 3" Brushless DC Motor

ROTRON Transportation 3" Brushless DC MotorThe  ROTRON® Transportation 3" Brushless DC Motor offers design life of 40,000 hours by eliminating brush motor failures and maintenance. Therefore, these products help fleet owners save money and decrease repair downtime.

Its 3" diameter and standard 2-wire electrical hook-up allows complete interchangeability with brush motor counterparts. 

The smart motor controls and rugged design also make this product ideal for many applications, including coolant pumps, radiator cooling fans as well as heater, defroster, A/C evaporator and condenser blowers and motors.

• Brushless DC  Motor
• Electronically Commutated DC (ECDC™)
• Motor design life of 40,000 hours
• Interchangeable with brush motor counterparts due to its 3" diameter and standard electrical hookups.
• Protection from hot-water spray, rain, humidity, salt, fog, shock, and vibration

“Smart” Motor Controls
• Multi-speed and variable speed operation
• Current limit
• Locked-rotor protection
• Reverse polarity protection
• Over temperature shut off
• Transient over-voltage protection
• Soft start input

Multi-Purpose Use
• A/C evaporator and condenser motors and blowers
• Heater motors and blowers
• Defroster motors and blowers
• Coolant pumps
• Radiator cooling fans

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