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Nautilair® 8.9" Combustion Blowers

AMETEK DFS Nautilair 8.9" blowerThe Nautilair® 8.9" Combustion Blower can reach pressures up to 14" of H2O and flow rates up to 500 CFM. This blower is available in standard and high output versions. Customization is available for OEM products

Nautilair® Combustion Blowers are variable speed brushless DC blowers. The products offer high efficiency, low noise and long-life solutions for a variety of applications, including hydronic systems, food service equipment, radon mitigation systems and more.

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  • Design Options +

    Performance Voltages Speed Control Options Speed Regulation Stages Agency Certification

    Max Flow: 500 CFM (850 m3/hr)

    Max Pressure: 14 inch H2O (35 mbar)





    Mechanical - POT adjustment

    0-10 VDC

    0-10VDC via Remote POT Option Card


    Remote Potentiometer

    Open Loop

    Closed Loop







    Operating Temp:
     0oC to 50oC   
    Storage Temp: -40oC to 85oC
    Weight: 7.8 lbs/3.5Kg

    Design Features: Designed to provide variable airflow for low NOx and CO emissions in high efficiency gas-fired combustion systems. Built with non-sparking materials. Blower housing assembly constructed of die cast aluminum. Impeller constructed from hardened aluminum. Rubber isolation mounts built into the blower construction to dampen vibration within the motor. Two piece blower housing assembly sealed with O-ring gasket fro combustion applications. Customer is responsible to check for any leakage once the blower is installed in the final application. Intake and exhaust tubes, all cooling ducts and vents must not be obstructed. Intake and exhaust must be free of grease, oil and foreign particles. Blower to be mounted so ventilation air cannot be recirculated.