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Lamb® Thru-Flow Motors

Lamb Thru-Flow MotorAMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions manufactures a wide range of thru-flow motors for the commercial floor care, central vacuum, commercial and industrial applications. In thru-flow motors, the working air travels through the fan system and is discharged directly over the motor windings as it exits. Therefore, the working air also provides the cooling air for the motor. Typical applications are mostly in dry vacuum conditions since the working air is also cooling the motor.

Thru-Flow motors are available in single and multiple stages. The stages are used to create more pressure if used as a blower or more lift if used as a vacuum. As single stage motors typically have the highest air flow and lowest vacuum levels. Adding fan stages increases the vacuum capability of the unit but reduces the air flow. This is because of increased impedance to air flow through the system, the result of addition fans (rotating and stationary) through which the air must pass.