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Prestolite Drive Motors

Prestolite Motors offers an extensive product line backed by outstanding customer service, global engineering and manufacturing. AMETEK Prestolite Motors is a subsidiary of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electric motors, electronic instrument, specialty metals and a wide assortment of electromechanical components. In existence for nearly a century, the Prestolite Motors brand has been synonymous with outstanding reliability and performance.

In 2000, the Prestolite Motors business was acquired by AMETEK, as it was a natural fit with their global presence and sense of value. Whatever the application, be it traction, pump, or mechanical, AMETEK Prestolite Motors can engineer a motor to meet your specific requirements. With coordinating design centers in the United States, China and Brazil, we can provide the reliable designs that our customers have come to expect. AMETEK Prestolite Motors has one of the most extensive lines of DC Motors in the world, ranging from 2 inch diameter to 5 inch diameter.

AMETEK Prestolite Motors offer:
  • PMDC Motors
    • Used in coffee grinders, small engine starters, mixers, pumps, treadmills
  • High Torque Motors
    • Used in hydraulic pumps, winches, snowplows, scissor lifts, and pumps
  • Universal Motors
    • Used in floor care vacuums, and other high torque or rotational speed is needed
  • ametek-prestolite-motors-fff
    High Torque Motors

    AMETEK Prestolite Motors is recognized worldwide as a leader in high quality wound field motors used in hydraulic pumps, winches, snowplows, scissor lifts, pumps, industrial and commercial applications.

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    PMDC Motors

    AMETEK Prestolite Motors manufactures a line of PMDC motors that are used in coffee grinders, small gasoline engine starters, mixers, pumps, tread mills, and many other industrial and commercial applications.

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