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Our Windjammer blowers feature a compact design with options for an IntelliGen II electronic control drive integrating a factory-programmed digital signal processor (DSP). This enables AMETEK DFS to match the performance that you require from our products.  

Our Nautilair blowers are engineered to deliver a measured air fuel mixture in gas fired burner systems for optimized combustion and reduced nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide emissions. Nautilair blowers also utilize our IntelliGen II electronic control drive integrating a factory programmed digital signal processor (DSP).

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ROTRON transportation products are built to last, with most boasting a 40,000 hour life or longer in heavy duty bus, locomotive or rail applications. The new Dura-Tek Prime school bus pump is also backed by ROTRON's history in the bus market, with over 50 years of experience and innovation the school bus industry can rely on Dura-Tek Prime. 

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Finally, our ROTRON brand is ideal for harsh applications. The ROTRON Regenerative blowers are designed on the regenerative principle. The impeller blades passing the inlet port of the blower draw air or other gasses into the blowers. The impeller blades then, by centrifugal action, accelerate the air outward and forward enabling the removal of harsh gasses. 

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