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Custom Design Solutions

Customized Design Solutions
  • About Customized Solutions +

    Our experience in diverse air/fluid movement applications and industries, combined with our in-depth knowledge of the components used in these applications will make us an invaluable resource for your next project. We provide solutions for your air/fluid movement needs with our vertical manufacturing model, broad product and capability portfolio augmented by our high-end engineering and application expertise.

    Our extensive in-house resources include:

    • Mechanical, electrical and software engineering teams
    • Full inspection and testing capabilities (includes emi, high temperature, life, environmental, vibration and noise testing)
    • Proprietary and patented products and processes
    • Extensive manufacturing capabilities (including in-house tool design and fabrication, injection molding, EDM, 3D printing, coating and cabling)
    • ISO Certified and RoHS and REACH Compliant
    • Agency Lab Certified under UL Data Acceptance Program
    • Prototyping Lab for quick product turnaround

    Utilizing these resources allows us to collaborate with our clients to develop the ultimate solution for almost any application, while managing scheduling demands, technical requirements and financial considerations.

    Our goal is to raise your air/fluid movement capabilities so you can change the world!

  • Capabilities +

    Mechanical Features

    Our portfolio consists of custom inlet/outlet tubes, mounting, housing, parts, connectors, leads, terminals, and/or cabling. These custom features can help you reduce your assembly time and expense to your end customer.

    We also offer mufflers, filters and finger guards that can be supplied and assembled prior to delivery.


    Protection Options

    If you are using a blower/motor in extreme or harsh environments, you may need to use some of these protection options. We have special coatings (epoxy and silicone) on various blower parts, bearing grease for high temp and low viscosity, full contact seal bearings, and stainless-steel bearings and shafts,


    Performance and Calibration Options

    To optimize your design for peak performance we have several options that include customized speed profiles and performance calibration, custom acceleration, dual function (vacuum and pressure), customized PWM frequency and amplitude interface, V+ wire, rear balancing wheel, tachometer output.


    If We Don’t Have It…We Can Develop It

    With our engineering capability, we have successfully developed and taken to production fully customized blower/motor solutions not utilizing our core technologies. We are innovative, flexible and most importantly...reliable, effective and successful.

  • Examples of Custom Solutions +

  • Markets +

    Our sales and engineering teams understand the specific demands of your industry. Here are a few of the many markets we serve for motion control needs. 

    AMETEK DFS medical application image

    Medical Equipment
    Patients and providers count on your equipment to advance patient health. Your development team can count on AMETEK DFS to provide advanced solutions to your design challenges.

    AMETEK DFS Combustion Image

    Combustion Boilers and Water Heaters
    We offer a wide range of combustion blowers, specializing in high performing applications ranging from 25 -1200 KW (85 - 4 million BTU) boilers. We offer compact, low noise, and long-life solutions to fit your custom design needs.

    AMETEK blowers have a long history with Central Vacuum cleaners

    AMETEK lamb vacuum motors evolve with the ever-changing demands of the floorcare industry. From backpack vacuums to large extractors and scrubbers, central vacuums and car wash vacuums, AMETEK has a custom design for you.

    Paint Sprayer with AMETEK DFS motor

    Hydraulic Power
    AMETEK Prestolite motors have been a dependable hydraulic fluid power motors for many years. Through extensive in-house testing and rigorous in-field trials, you can expect Prestolite designs to offer consistently high performance, even in the toughest weather conditions.

    AMETEK DFS 64 Frame BLDC Motor

    From Buses to Lococotives, AMETEK DFS is deploying technology into new opportunities in transportation.

    AMETEK DFS brushless blowers power Business machines

    Business Machines
    Innovation in general business machines continues to adapt to market needs and pressures, as do our solutions for the design and application of a wide range of air movement technologies.

    AMETEK DFS Industrial Application Image

    Specialized Industrial Applications
    Industrial Applications require custom design solutions for applications with harsh environments, or specialized air movement needs. AMETEK custom designs a wide range of products for all types of industrial applications, which include fume evacuation, aquaculture, chemical processing, material handling, spa and more.

    Want your snow blower to last? Make sure you have an AMETEK DFS motor inside your snow blower.

    Outdoor Power Equipment
    PMDC and series universal motors can be found in applications such as garage door openers, inflatable devices, leaf blowers, marine engine starters, power sports, chainsaws, electric trimmers and others.

  • How We Can Help You +


    Customized System Solutions Design Engineers

    Development & Design Engineers

    We have direct experience in a broad range of air/fluid movement technology that stems from our vertical integration. Our experience starts with the design of the basic components and expands into the integration of these components, and ultimately into a unique system that allows us to provide the right solution to your motion needs.

    Customized System Solutions Engineering Development

    OEM Purchasing & Business Managers

    Sourcing a system from AMETEK DFS with multiple components will allow you to simplify your vendor base and reduce inventory costs. By looking at your project through our "Value Analysis" lens, our team can design your project to remove unnecessary labor and materials.

    Custom Designed System Solutions Manufacturing professional

    Manufacturing Professionals

    Not only do we have the abilities to perform function tests to systems before shipping, we also manufacture at the component level for blower/motor assemblies Examallowing us to take on full responsibility for a fully tested system.

    Custom Design Business Managers

    Engineering / Development Managers

    If your team is lacking expertise in a certain area of air/fluid movement, let us fill that void with our group of experienced engineers. Not every engineering manager dedicated has manufacturing, motor, air/fluid movement experts at their disposal.

  • How to Get Started +

    Whether you are in the early proof of concept phase of your project, the later stages of optimizing for production, or anywhere in between, we can help!

    Let our expert engineering team advise you on your project.

    Please describe your current OEM application by using the form below.