MAE Stepper Motors

AMETEK MAE motors are designed and produced to achieve the highest quality and performance levels, meeting long term reliability and the reliability required in the most demanding applications. MAE started to product the first Nema 34 stepper motor in 1974. Our current product offering range from Nema 16-Nema 42, with holding torque (bipolar) from 0,11 Nm -15Nm. Our motors offer high torque optimized for micro stepping operation. Our main markets include medical, textile, instrumentation, and industrial automation. We also offer synchronous motors in step case with 220VAC 50 or 60 Hz and speeds of 60 or 72 RPM. These motors range from 87mm diameter (Nema 34) up to 108mm diameter (Nema 42) and are capable of maximum torque from 0,95Nm up to 8,5Nm. You can find these motors in printing machines (Drum regulation), and conveyor belts for example. 

Stepper Motors

AMETEK offers a wide range of MAE stepper motor solutions.
The HY series hybrid stepper motors feature low rotor inertia for maximum possible acceleration. 
The HN series hybrid stepper motors offer calculated balance between low rotor inertia and high torque. 
The HS series hybrid stepper motors are optimized for superior torque characteristics. 

Additionally, both the HN and the HS series feature low detent torque to hold torque ratios to provide smooth operation as well as fine positioning capability required for microstep operation.

Motors may be customized with value added features including, but not limited to:

  • Gearboxes
  • Encoders
  • Shaft Details
  • Leadwire-connector Assemblies
  • and more...
Our Stepper motors are also:
  • Accurate open loop for high performance positioning applications
  • Excellent low speed torque
  • Simple, rugged construction for high reliability and long life
  • Smooth, quiet operation
  • Standard NEMA frame sizes
  • Precision honed stators and ground rotors for tight air gap and maximum performance